Landscape Patterns and Ecosystem Processes

2008 US-IALE Symposium

Madison, Wisconsin | April 6-10, 2008

Capitol Dome sculptures - © Michael Morse

List of Symposia

Cross-boundary Challenges to the Creation of Multifunctional Agricultural Landscapes Ryan C. Atwell, Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Iowa State University
Lisa A. Schulte, Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Iowa State University

Animal Movements in Heterogeneous Landscapes
Jacqueline L. Frair, SUNY-ESF
Evelyn Merrill, University of Alberta

Beta Diversity in Landscape Ecology
Erin Questad, University of Kansas
Sarah Goslee, USDA-ARS

Landscape Ecology of Infectious Diseases
Michael Wimberly, SDSU

Spread of Exotic Species in Fragmented Forests
Emily Minor, UMCES Appalachian Lab

Challenges in Modeling Forest Landscapes under Climate Change
Robert M. Scheller, Conservation Biology Institute
David J. Mladenoff, UW-Madison

Insect Outbreaks in Forested Landscapes: Spatial Patterns and Ecosystem Responses
Kirsten de Beurs, Virginia Tech
Brenden McNeil, UW-Madison

Landscape Ecology and Geospatial Science for Sustainable Development and Poverty Alleviation in Developing Countries
Henry Bulley, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Louis Iverson, USDA-FS, Northern Research Station
Ashton Drew, North Carolina State University

H. Ronald Pulliam Symposium: Sources, Sinks, and Sustainability
Jianguo (Jack) Liu, Michigan State University
Vanessa Hull, Michigan State University
Anita Morzillo, U.S. EPA
John Wiens, The Nature Conservancy

Landscape Patterns and Ecosystem Processes: The Role of Human Societies
Almo Farina, Urbino University

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