Annual Meetings of US-IALE and Related Associations

US-IALE Meeting Site Selection Committee

Helene Wagner, Chair

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Upcoming Annual US-IALE Meetings

2018: Chicago, IL (April 8 to April 12)

The 2018 US-IALE Annual Meeting will be held April 8-12 in Chicago, Illinois at the Palmer House Hilton.

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Recent Annual Meetings of US-IALE

2017: Baltimore, MD (April 9 to April 14)
People, Places, Patterns: Linking Landscape Heterogeneity and Socio-Environmental Systems
2016: Asheville, NC (April 3 to April 7)
Landscape Change
2014: Anchorage, AK (May 18 to May 22)
Cumulative Impacts and Landscape Initiatives: A Sustainability Check During Climate Change
2013: Austin, TX (April 14 to April 18)
Landscape Dynamics Along Environmental Gradients
2012: Newport, RI (April 8 to April 12)
Informing Decisions in a Changing World
2011: Portland, OR (April 3 to April 7)
Sustainability in Dynamic Landscapes
2010: Athens, GA (April 5 to April 9)
Is What Humans Do Natural?
2009: Snowbird, UT (April 12 to April 16)
Coupling Humans and Complex Ecological Landscapes
2008: Madison, WI (April 6 to April 10)
Landscape Patterns and Ecosystem Processes
2007: Tucson, AZ (April 9 to April 13)
Disturbances across gradients: From desert seas to mountain islands
2006: San Diego, CA (March 28 to March 31)
Linking Landscapes and Seascapes: Conservation and Ecosystem Management at the Land-Sea Interface
2005: Syracuse, NY (March 12 to March 16)
2004: Las Vegas, NV (March 30 to April 4)
Transdisciplinary Challenges in Landscape Ecology
2003: Banff, Alberta, CA (April 2 to April 6)
2002: Lincoln, NE (April 24 to April 26)
2001: Tempe, AZ (April 25 to April 29)
Pattern, Process, Scale, & Hierarchy: Interactions in Human-Dominated and Natural Landscapes

IALE World Congress

2015 World Congress (July 5 to July 10)
Crossing Scales, Crossing Borders: Global Approaches to Complex Challenges

THANK YOU FOR JOINING US! The 9th IALE World Congress was held in Portland, Oregon, USA July 5-10, 2015. Thank you to all who participated. 

The 2015 World Congress was a joint meeting between the International Association of Landscape Ecology World Congress (WC) and the U.S. Chapter of IALE (US-IALE). 

Program information and presentation abstracts from the 9th IALE World Congress are available through the meeting website: